Initiative of prayer for the peace in Aleppo and in the whole world

//Initiative of prayer for the peace in Aleppo and in the whole world

Initiative of prayer for the peace in Aleppo and in the whole world

December 6th, 2016

Now we are already in the 6th year of war… all of us are exhausted …how much time yet we can endure it? Every day the missiles drop nobody knows when or where. All people live in stress and fear. In this situation the children are the most affected, especially who are born during the war… who don’t know another life.

Many of these children have to work to feed their family. Several thousand of them lost family members, had to leave their homes, and were displaced to others cities or neighboring countries. Others, often alone, go on a precarious and dangerous journey, cross the Mediterranean and try to reach Europe. The words in their daily vocabulary are: bombing, missiles, ruins, wounds, death… Their games: scenes from the war, fight, wounded, cry, relatives’ desperation..  They learned that hearing an incoming missile they have to run away…to hid…sometimes it isn’t possible to avoid…like three days ago when rockets struck a school; teacher and ten children were killed.

Our answer couldn’t be but only positive. Because of that, with a heart full of faith, we turn to God asking His intervention. When human being cannot intervene and resolve the problem, only God can do it. We kneel down and pray, especially throughout our children.

Because of that, in our parish St. Francis in Aleppo, we are beginning our prayer for the peace, through the mouths of the children and all the habitants of the destroyed City. We began to gather the children on the first Sunday of each month and together with them to pray for the peace in Aleppo, in Syria and in whole the world. We express our faith and hope in a Divine Intervention to stop this war.

This initiative passed quickly through the General, Br. Michael Perry and our Custos Br. Francesco Patton in solidarity with our Parish and our people, who invite whole Franciscan Family and all people to join us.


You are invited with all believers and all the people of good will, from around the world to join us in this prayer for the peace.

In your parishes or communities you can find, according to your creativity, the time and the space to gather the children and pray with them together for the same goal: peace.

We invite you to do this the first Sunday of each month in communion with us.

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