Together in Aleppo: taking care of our city

//Together in Aleppo: taking care of our city

Together in Aleppo: taking care of our city

“Aleppo more beautiful” is an initiative of the Latin community with the collaboration of the governor, the mayor of the city, the municipality and the Latin Church in Aleppo. The program was inaugurated last Sunday at 5 pm in front of our church by the priest of our parish, father Ibrahim, and the representatives of the government. The action began by painting the edges of the sidewalks. The representatives themselves made the first brushstroke…

Making “Aleppo more beautiful” is a concern, a challenge that unites us. It makes us a single nation, a single family, regardless of our religion or our convictions… We also immediately perceived this initiative as a good opportunity to repair and renew the beautiful mosaic that our society is… For this, we make use of our interest, love, and commitment… With love, we fight for our martyred city… with the desire to promote reconciliation in our wounded and torn society… We are convinced that doing good is infectious… so we start doing good to spread it… to make it radiate… This way, war, hatred, selfishness… the royalty of death will be replaced by peace, charity, solidarity, common good through the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven. To this end, we invited all the churches, Christian scouts, ecclesiastical movements and all inhabitants of the city to join us. The Latin parish has taken on the financial side of the project by buying all the necessary equipment.

The entire youth of our parish and other people of good will, in total more than 200 people, armed with brushes, buckets, paintings and with great enthusiasm and zeal, went out to conquer the city… to make it more beautiful… The action continues on Wednesday and Thursday following a real strategy. Volunteers will be divided into teams with each group consisting of ten people with one leader. The terrain we want to cover will be divided into sectors with streets entrusted to each team.

The parish of St. Francis, the Franciscan brothers, set the example of how firm will and concrete action can aid in the reconstruction of a destroyed city.

We believe that by this kind of small actions and small gestures, we will be able to rebuild our city and our society together. What matters indeed is our personal commitment, our desire to be active in the process of repairing our home which is our city with its inhabitants. As a Church we have great potential that we cannot tuck away and keep to ourselves: it is our duty, our mission, to share it and contribute to the welfare of all our brothers and sisters who share a country, city,

and society with us.

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