A day of fr Ibrahim’s trip

///A day of fr Ibrahim’s trip

A day of fr Ibrahim’s trip

This morning fr Ibrahim met Archbishop Montaligro, then he went to the seminary, where he spoke about the reality and mission in Syria, in the presence of Bishop Mikel, the rector of the seminary, the seminarians and some friars.

They were interested by the situation in Syria and promised to help us raise the aides and support us to continue our mission.

After a short break in the convent of St. Anthony, Fr. Ibrahim went to meet Bishop Corrado in his episcopal house with Fr. Gaitano and Fr. Pino. They both talked about their visit to Damascus in 2015, where they saw the pain and suffering with dignity as well as the warm reception that he received from priests, friars and people.

Then fr Ibrahim went to the Cathedral, where he met other priests. Later, he prayed in front of the shrine of the beatified martyr Puglisi, in front of a coffin resembling a wheat spike.

At the end of the day, all the laureates of the Puglisi award had a dinner, after  they went to the award ceremony.

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