Even in Aleppo it’s Christmas

//Even in Aleppo it’s Christmas

Even in Aleppo it’s Christmas

In Aleppo, Syria, the civil war that began in 2011 has not yet seen the end … Fr. IBRAHIM ALSABAGH, ofm Parish of Saint Francis  – Aleppo  This period is certainly not happy under any point of view, you can imagine it too. The war is still ongoing, the city is 70% destroyed and is economically paralysed. People are looking for work, unfortunately in vain. We try to alleviate the cross of our children, of the people, especially of the children who have suffered most of all because of this war that has lasted uninterruptedly for eight years and that continues to make them suffer. Fr. Ibrahim tells how at Christmas time, clothes and food for children were distributed … Even in the midst of sorrow, Jesus is reborn! Fr. IBRAHIM ALSABAGH, ofm Parish of Saint Francis – Aleppo “May the Lord bless you, your relatives, your families, your friends and may He make sure that together we can always choose the path of peace and that this can be a Holy Christmas for all of you, wishing a Happy New Year to everyone”.


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