Christmas Eve Holy Mass

//Christmas Eve Holy Mass

Christmas Eve Holy Mass

On the music of this beautiful chant performed by the kid’s choir, we started the holy mass celebrating our Savior’s birth in our church where it contained huge number worshipers and their families. Father Ibrahim Alsabagh, father Firas Loutfi and father Bassam Zaza celebrated the holy mass. The Mass started with the kids’ procession with the altar’s servants holding flowers to the newborn who rests in the crib of nativity. The mass was perfect with many people watching us live on the internet each one from his country. In the end when the kids joined the priests while they were putting Jesus in his crib which was designed, this year, as Syria’s map with peace doves flying above it, as a message of wishing the peace come to our country and all the world during this Christmas.

Then the scout’s marching band played Christmas music in the churches hall when the priests were receiving congratulations at the church’s doors.

We wish you a very merry Christmas.

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