School project in Latin Church of Aleppo

//School project in Latin Church of Aleppo

School project in Latin Church of Aleppo


After all assistance provided by the Latin Church in Aleppo, food, health and living aid, it came to think about building or restoring the human being. Usually, every building starts from the smallest unit in the structure. The smallest unit and the most important unit in human structure are children and youth, and the work most start on education.

The idea of the post-school came out through following-up children and youth at the Catechism Center and later in the summer club. Supervisors observed that kids had showed poor learning ability and weakness in organizing time, so the need to strengthen students’ pedagogical capacity was considered.

Father Ibrahim Alsabbagh, Pastor of the Parish announced the beginning of the post-school during a Holy Mass, he asked the Lord to bless this humane educational project which came out of a necessity and urgent need.

The post-school started in October 2018 with twenty-seven professors (plus two joined later) presented themselves to work voluntarily in the project and to serve thirty-eight students. Basic subjects of mathematics, general sciences, Arabic, French and English were given in the school and to all educational grades, for four days a week, and four hours a day in afternoon time. Some of the classes were integrated with students from different grades, meanwhile there were special case classes, for the most vulnerable students, where each student has his own teacher. The school maintained constant contact with the students’ parents whether through a page on WhatsApp or through periodic meetings, as well as an ongoing communication with professors through WhatsApp page and evaluation meetings.

Post-school project is important because it met a vital need; its positive results were demonstrated quickly by the improvement in the students’ test results and through the parents’ positive feedback. The administration also noticed remarkable improvement in students’ behavior and towards teachers.

The first semester ended and a second one just began with an increase in the number of students up to fifty.







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