World Day of the Sick Holy Mass in our church 11-2-2019

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World Day of the Sick Holy Mass in our church 11-2-2019

The World Day of the Sick is considered as a feast since 1992 when it was first celebrated by Pope John Paul II.

Since 11 February of the year 1993 and till now every year the Christians around the world celebrate this feast in memory of Saint Mary of Lourdes when all the people reunite with sick people to pray together.

Early in 1991 when Pope John Paul II was dignosed with Parkinsons disease which was newly discovered so he decided to create a World Day of the Sick.

The Pope gave us a lot of writings about the suffering which as he believed is a helpful thing to reach salvation through Jesus.

The feast of Lourdes was chosen because many pilgrims and visitors to Lourdes have reportedly been healed by intercessions of the Blessed Virgin. In 2005, the World Day of the Sick had a special significance since it was the year John Paul died from a sepsis. Many people had gathered around him as he lay dying.

Our Bishop George Abou khazen celebrated the World Day of the Sick Mass with Father Firas Loutfi and Father Bassam Zaza

And here are some photos from the Mass and the sick people and old men who participated in it and some of them were brought from their houses by ambulance and, the Anointing of the Sick swas given to all of them.

We prayed and demanded patience to all the ill ones and to all those standing beside them.



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