The Holy Mass of St. Joseph’s feast 19-3-2019

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The Holy Mass of St. Joseph’s feast 19-3-2019

Tuesday 20-3-2019 our church celebrated St. Joseph’s Feast by holding Holy Mass that was headed by father Ibrahim al Sabbagh and father Piere Jaboulian as we know  St. Joseph considered as the protector of the Nazareth family and all other Christian families.

Father Ibrahim has welcomed all the presence that came to participate in this holy feast, the church consider St. Joseph day  very precious and one of the most important religious feasts in the church, and as we see the date of this feast in located in the middle of the Lenten time, the time that we confess our sins and asking for the forgiveness.

Also, father, Ibrahim welcomed the sisters of St. Joseph and their medical staff who work in Saint Louis hospital, and he also welcomed all who hold St. Joseph’s name from the present and non-present.

God says: Joseph don’t be afraid, God chose you a very special project for your life, but this project condition to change all your life, and this means to keep his presence infront of God until he fulfills his will in each single moment during his human life.

We ask for the intercession of St. Joseph to all of us and especially for the sisters of ”Fresho ” hospital who are sitting with us today, and we are in a union with all the sisters and Friars who celebrate their convents name day today.

Our sisters who hold  St. Joseph’s name, knew how to say yes and they knew how to walk through their faith, and as we know them well we see them work very hard and without stop during the crisis and the peace, sometimes talk cant describe the reality but those sisters are really women of work like St Joseph and Mary.

At the end, there was a memorial photo and then was the blessings.




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