The Vigil Mass 20-4-2019

//The Vigil Mass 20-4-2019

The Vigil Mass 20-4-2019

Father Ibrahim celebrated the Vigil Mass with Father Firas, Father Bassam at the beginning, Father Ibrahim has explained the steps of this celebration which included first of all the arriving of the light, and lightning the Vigil candle which symbolizes to Jesus who has risen and from it the believers lighten their candles to infuse the light of Jesus their lives and to defeat the darkness of sin and death.

we chanted “Glory to God in the highest heaven.. and we rolled the stoned from the grave to shine the light of rising, and then there was the sermon, after it the Baptismal Liturgy and the Celebration of the Eucharist for all the presence and we completed the mass joyfully, and even the number of believers was huge, the priests received congrats on the Church,s door when the scout musical band were playing beautiful songs.

May God joy full your life and the light of Jesus lead us.


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