The celebrate of granting the first Communion to seventeen children of the parish

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The celebrate of granting the first Communion to seventeen children of the parish

“He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me and I in him” John 6: 56

The Eucharist considered to be a basic spiritual food in the life of every believer; with the seven sacraments of the church, they grant the grace of God in his life and give him the power to be a fruitful person and to overcome the disorder of the world around him.

On Sunday the 5th of May, we celebrate our children first Communion, who, from that day on will begin to get used the heavenly bread, which enable them to make a remarkable leap in their lives as Christians, to consider it as a pure food and as a spiritual strength and then to testify by their words and by their way of life.

“Be united, parishioners, parents and friends, as well as the One holy catholic Church, gathered around them, those tiny little seedlings which are to be the future of the Church. We pray for them and ask the Lord to prove them to these blessings that they will receive today, as a God’s grace and love” With those words, Father Ibrahim Alsabbagh the Parish Priest opened the ceremonial Mass of the first Holy Communion for seventeen children in our Parish.

After a period of accompaniment and preparation by the Parish priest and the catechesis educators to prepare the children to understand the meaning of the Eucharist and to enable them to realize and believe that what they are receiving is not a piece of bread but actually the real body and blood of Jesus Christ, and through the Holy Eucharistic with the grace of the Holy Spirit they receiving Jesus in their hearts and bodies as well as in their whole life.

The presence of Jesus was evident in the midst of the celebration, that His peace and joy immerse all believers. Our children were as faithful disciples, knowing consciously that they will carry the Lord in their heart lifelong. We pray that they will be apostles of the Risen Jesus Christ in their daily life, and to be working bees spreading the perfume of Christ all around and grains of wheat bearing good fruit.

After the Mass, there were time for taking photos of the celebrating children with Father Ibrahim and with educators. And then met with parents in the church hall for children to eat together breakfast and parent to exchanged congratulations. Every child receives a copy of the Holy Bible and a gift for the memory.

Congrats to our Parish, to the children and their families.

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