The Holy Mass of the beginning of Marian month and the commemoration of Joseph the worker

//The Holy Mass of the beginning of Marian month and the commemoration of Joseph the worker

The Holy Mass of the beginning of Marian month and the commemoration of Joseph the worker

As we still in the midst of the joy of Christ’s resurrection, our church celebrated the beginning of May in which we as a church Honor the Virgin Mary, and the commemoration of St.Joseph the worker.

The celebration was held by Father Ibrahim AlSabbagh, the Parish Priest. Who spoke in his homily about the meaning of work and its importance in the life of Christians, as it is a follow-up the work of God the Creator, the work was not punishment from the Lord to Adam but, instead it is reflect the partnership between God and man to continue the work of creation.

In the book of Genesis, in the Bible we see God sanctified the work as He worked with His own hands, He looked at what he has done as it’s good, and He rested on the seventh day. Thus, God gave us humans example how to work hard and be pleased of our work and at the same time how to fairly balanced between work and rest.

Today we honored St. Joseph the worker, that silent personality, who was lifelong worker and servant, in the way God’s wanted him to be and in the places God sent him to. How blessed we would be if we follow the example of St. Joseph to work seriously and continuously, and present our work to the Lord as prayer, praise and as honor, as well as a kind participation in the work of God the caretaker.

We also started the Marian month … It is a very beautiful as we still in the resurrection time that the Paschal march merge with Marian march … as Mary lived Easter with the Christian early community, they pray together, praise God and gave testimonies on the death and the resurrection of the Lord. In the apparitions of the resurrection as well as on Pentecost Mary was with the disciples. Therefore, it is naturally that the month of May comes to honor the Virgin Mary and to complete our celebration of the mystery of resurrection. This celebration will be marked by the presence of Mary and will be accompanied by Mary.

I wish our ladies will follow the steps of Mary in been a faithful disciple, lived Her whole life in obedience and humility, guided by His spirit, and grateful for His presence.

At the end of the Mass … Father Ibrahim blessed the ladies who intend to wear throughout the month blue habit, resembling the gown of our faithful Virgin. He wished that the imitation of our Virgin Mother will not only at the level of appearance, but to take Her as a teacher and guide in the life of service and simplicity.






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