the Latin cemetery in Aleppo

//the Latin cemetery in Aleppo

the Latin cemetery in Aleppo

When you enter the Latin cemetery in Aleppo you will be surprised that life with all its power and vitality are dominated the place, and that the beauty that is spread in all corners makes you dictate your eyes, praise the Lord and pray.

You feel as though you have entered the garden of your grandfather or grandmother or the backyard of a house …  A familiar and quiet place, spacious despite it is not so wide.

Thank you to the committee of Cemeteries, and to everyone who works in agriculture, beautification, construction and so on, because in their dedicated works they emphasize that change for better does not require much spending or big financial support but simply needs a loving heart and a serious and determined work that reflect love and respect for those who preceded us.

We are invited, as Christians, and as human beings in general, to remember the “The limitations of life, and the inevitability of death and its sudden timing” remember that we are passersby and “Vanity of vanity, all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1.1) … We are invited to deeply meditate on the life and death of those

who preceded us, to unite strongly with them in prayers and to make our hearts purify and rise to heaven where our eternal home is…

To become accustomed to visiting our loved ones in the cemetery and spend time siting around, help us to sublimate our faith and through our vision of the beauty of cemetery and the calmness of graves, we come to discover our real call: That is to heaven … To Eternity.


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