The feast of Saint Anthony of Padua

The feast of Saint Anthony of Padua

Father Ibrahim al Sabagh has celebrated the feast of St. Anthony, and during his sermon, he mediated in the life of St. Anthony and how the fragrance of his holiness spread in the world from the time of his death and until our day.

He is one of the honorable saints in the world, he presented Jesus in the most beautiful way, as it’s possible, and we are the people who honored him always and follow the way he crossed in his life pray the holiness that he invited us to live in.

In the name of Saint Anthony, father Ibrahim asked the Lord for the goodness to our country and for the Franciscan friars, and for those whose names come from his name, and especially for the women of St Anthony’s sisterhood in our parish.

After the mass has ended, there was the procession and “St Anthony’s Bread” has been distributed to all the believers, in the end, father Ibrahim met the members of St Anthony’s sisterhood and they took a memorial photo together.


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