I am a message. You are always a message.
Baptized and sent the message of his holiness Francis for world mission day 2019
Every apostolic action… His hero and his support are the Holy Spirit Who carries our talents to spread us in all the world… Witnesses loved and powerful…
At the children’s Mass, we celebrated word mission day and we presented to God…
The globe .. Holistic salvation .. It will include all the world and all continents and every human being lives .. Works silently and love
It is the Cross that embraces the world and connects people in partnership with God
The red color .. we offer the seeds of a new life in America and with it, we offer our prayers to all those who remain faithful to the gospel without accepting any concessions.
The color white .. which is the symbol of joy and challenge for Europe, the beginning of a new life with Christ in order to regain the power of preaching thanks to which many churches and many saints were born.
The color Yellow .. the color of light that feeds from the light and Asia is the continent where Jesus was born, the Son of God, our rising sun.
The color Blue .. the color of divine life and with the continent of Oceania, which consists of a large number of islands, we are called to transcend all that is earthly.
The color green .. the color of life, nature and plant, growth and fertility, Africa is called upon to live hope amid suffering.
The cross .. is our pride .. our strength .. and our hope ..
With bread and wine, we offer all our energies and talents to be messengers of joy and life in all our societies.

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