Christmas Eve Mass

//Christmas Eve Mass

Christmas Eve Mass

Father Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, the pastor of our church, with the participation of Father Samher and Father Clovis, celebrated mass on Christmas Eve in the presence of the faithful people and the participation of the children and adults choir….

The mass began with the circumambulation of young children carrying gifts and roses for the savior child, and also they present to him Artworks About our dear country Syria, our beloved city Aleppo, the globe affected by the Corona epidemic, the dove of peace, and finally the family.

At the beginning of the Mass and on the hymn of Glory to God in the highest, bells rang, and Father Abraham uncovered the cover of the Divine Child to announce the birth of Christ, amid the applause of the faithful people, declaring their joy at that blessed moment.

At the end of the mass a procession of children went with the servants and priests carrying the child and all the gifts to put the child in the crib of nativity and the choir sang with all the attendees with joy “Christ was born” … Hallelujah!

After that, the monks went to the door of the church to accept their congratulations, without shaking hands, in order to preserve public health.

Congratulations for the whole world the birth of a savior child, congratulations for us with the joy that it embodied in our lives…

We promise him to spread our hearts to him, a warm crib of nativity to welcome him in it.

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