Christmas preparations for our children in Scouts

///Christmas preparations for our children in Scouts

Christmas preparations for our children in Scouts

There is no doubt that the birthdate of all of us is a special occasion for ourselves, so we strive to prepare for that day to be the best day of the year, we decorate and prepare sweets and make sure that we wear the best clothes and accessories.

But there is another birthday, we all prepare for it, rejoice in it, enjoy its traditions, decorate it and prepare special sweets for it, we also wear the best clothes to be ready for it; It is the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are all waiting for that day to express to Christ our love and appreciation for the love and security he offers us by being in our life, we must also prepare spiritually to live the joy of His birth in our hearts and our families.

Young squad in the Latin Scouts in our church (Teams of Beavers – Grammys and Flowers) Prepare for the Christmas with the Celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation of repentance, and spiritual topics about the event and the spirit of birth and its characters, how should they prepare their hearts to receive Jesus, in addition to the handicrafts they decorated their home with.

Merry Christmas

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